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Articles 53
13 2008 - 4 file
Role of thermal treatment on the structural behavior of the arc SWCNTs in the purification system process Sang Kyu Choi, Seung-Beck Lee Current Applied Physics, Volume 9, 658~662, 2008  
12 2008 - 3 file
Toxic-Gas-Sensing Characteristics of Flexible Carbon-Nanotube-Network Thin-Film Devices Fabricated on Elastomer Substrates Chaehyun Lim, Won-il Choi, Eun-Suk Choi, Kangwon Choi, Sunggu Ahn, Junhyuk Lee, Sung-Jin Choi, Bonghyun Park, Seung-Beck Lee Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Volume 53, 2039~2044, 2008  
11 2008 - 2 file
In Situ Torque Magnetometry: Magnetic Coupling in Fe/Cr/Fe Thin Film Systems D. H. Min, S. Lee, John Moreland, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Volume 53, 2057~2061, 2008  
10 2008 - 1 file
Detection of a Countable Number of Magnetic Particles for Biological Applications Using a Hall Device Y. Kim, S. Joo, W. Lee, J. Hong,S. K. Hong, K. H. Kim, S. U. Kim and K. Rhie, S. Lee, Y. Chung, K. Shin, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Volume 52, 513  
9 2007 - 4 file
Direct patterning of carbon nanotube network devices by selective vacuum filtration Chaehyun Lim, Dong-Hun Min and Seung-Beck Lee, Applied Physics Letters, 91, 243117, 2007, Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, Volume 17, 91, 2008  
8 2007 - 3 file
Polarization-dependent carrier dynamics in quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers for all-optical-wavelength converters Heongkyu Ju, Seung-Beck Lee, Jonggoo Lee, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Volume 50, 1933, 2007  
7 2007 - 2 file
Fabrication of Flexible and Transparent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Gas Sensors by Vacuum Filtration and Poly(dimethy siloxane) Mold Transfer C.-S. Woo, C-H. Lim, C-W. Cho, B. Park, H. Ju, D.-H. Min, C.-J. Lee, S.-B. Lee, Microelectronic Engineering, Volume 84, 1610, 2007  
6 2007 - 1 file
SWCNT growth on Al/Fe/Mo investigated by in situ mass spectroscopy S.-M. Kim, Y. Zhang, K. B. K. Teo, M. S. Bell, L. Gangloff, X. Wang, W. I. Milne, J. Wu, J. Jiao and S.-B. Lee, Nanotechnology, Volume 18, 185709, 2007  
5 2006 - 5 file
Effective electrochemical gating of hole transport in aligned single-walled carbon nanotube network thin film transistors B. Park, C.-H. Lim, H.-S. Jun, C.-S. Woo, Y.-S. Hwang, S.-J. Choi, C.-W. Cho, C.-J. Lee, S.-B. Lee, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Volume 49, S828, 2006  
4 2006 - 4 file
Nanoscale floating-gate characteristics of colloidal Au nanoparticles electrostatically assembled on Si nanowires H.-S. Jeon, C.-W. Cho, C.-H. Lim B. Park, H. Ju, S. Kim, S.-B. Lee, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, Volume 24, 3192, 2006  
3 2006 - 3 file
Highly Flexible and Transparent Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Network Gas Sensors Fabricated on PDMS Substrates C.-W. Cho, C.-H. Lim, C.-S. Woo, H.-S. Jun, B. Park, H. Ju, C.-J. Lee, S. Maeng, K.-C. Kim, S. H. Kim, and S.-B. Lee, Material Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Volume 99, U11-10, 2006  
2 2006 - 2 file
Fabrication of On-Chip Nanofluidic Channels by Using Sacrificial Photoresist Templated SiO2 Sputter Deposition Sung-Min Kang, Bonghyun Park, Il-Sik Nam, Chae-Hyun Lim, Heongkyu Ju and Seung-Beck Lee, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Volume 48, 883, 2006  
1 2006 - 1 file
Intra-Pulse Quantum Spectral Structure of Ultrafast Optical Pulses in a Self-Defocusing Semiconductor Waveguide Heongkyu Ju, Jonggoo Lee and Seung-Beck Lee, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Volume 48, L335, 2006  

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