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Articles 47
7 2007 - 2 file
Fabrication of Flexible and Transparent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Gas Sensors by Vacuum Filtration and Poly(dimethy siloxane) Mold Transfer C.-S. Woo, C-H. Lim, C-W. Cho, B. Park, H. Ju, D.-H. Min, C.-J. Lee, S.-B. Lee, Microelectronic Engineering, Volume 84, 1610, 2007  
6 2007 - 1 file
SWCNT growth on Al/Fe/Mo investigated by in situ mass spectroscopy S.-M. Kim, Y. Zhang, K. B. K. Teo, M. S. Bell, L. Gangloff, X. Wang, W. I. Milne, J. Wu, J. Jiao and S.-B. Lee, Nanotechnology, Volume 18, 185709, 2007  
5 2006 - 5 file
Effective electrochemical gating of hole transport in aligned single-walled carbon nanotube network thin film transistors B. Park, C.-H. Lim, H.-S. Jun, C.-S. Woo, Y.-S. Hwang, S.-J. Choi, C.-W. Cho, C.-J. Lee, S.-B. Lee, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Volume 49, S828, 2006  
4 2006 - 4 file
Nanoscale floating-gate characteristics of colloidal Au nanoparticles electrostatically assembled on Si nanowires H.-S. Jeon, C.-W. Cho, C.-H. Lim B. Park, H. Ju, S. Kim, S.-B. Lee, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, Volume 24, 3192, 2006  
3 2006 - 3 file
Highly Flexible and Transparent Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Network Gas Sensors Fabricated on PDMS Substrates C.-W. Cho, C.-H. Lim, C.-S. Woo, H.-S. Jun, B. Park, H. Ju, C.-J. Lee, S. Maeng, K.-C. Kim, S. H. Kim, and S.-B. Lee, Material Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Volume 99, U11-10, 2006  
2 2006 - 2 file
Fabrication of On-Chip Nanofluidic Channels by Using Sacrificial Photoresist Templated SiO2 Sputter Deposition Sung-Min Kang, Bonghyun Park, Il-Sik Nam, Chae-Hyun Lim, Heongkyu Ju and Seung-Beck Lee, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Volume 48, 883, 2006  
1 2006 - 1 file
Intra-Pulse Quantum Spectral Structure of Ultrafast Optical Pulses in a Self-Defocusing Semiconductor Waveguide Heongkyu Ju, Jonggoo Lee and Seung-Beck Lee, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Volume 48, L335, 2006  

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