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Lab Introduction

The aim of the Nanoelectronic Device Laboratory is to combine conventional state-of-the-art nanoscale device fabrication techniques with newly developed nanoscale materials technology for the research and development of novel devices with potential for various commercial applications.

There are many technical and fundamental challenges that must be overcome for the further development of nanoscale semiconductor devices, high performance sensors, display devices, and on-chip microfluidic devices. We aim to present new solutions to known problems and propose devices with novel operating principles through interdisciplinary research, approached from the nanotechnology perspective, and by doing so educate the future interdisciplinary technology leaders in the nanoelectronic device industry.

Current topics under research are
1) Nanoelectronic Devices
: Next generation non-volatile memory, and flexible and transparent thin-film transistors
2) Novel high performance sensors
: Tactile pressure sensors, flexible pressure sensors, Tensile strain sensors, and Toxic gas sensors
3) Microelectronmechanical system (MEMS)
: Micro-cantilever particle detector, On-chip microfluidic system

We have on-going collaborations with many Korean and Foreign Institutions, such as Korea University, Pusan National University, Sun Moon University, University of Cambridge and Rutgers University, and are actively pursuing other complementary collaborations with institutions of proven excellence.